Moving in the Now

Linnie’s lifelong interests have always revolved around who we are as conscious, aware human beings.

In the late '70's she became interested in the work of F.M. Alexander. Immediately she saw that this work could be a very direct way to access the presence and consciousness of which all spiritual teachers speak. She trained in the Alexander Technique for fourteen years, mainly with Marjorie Barstow, the first person Alexander qualified to teach. She went on to teach with Ms. Barstow for many years.

Linnie’s work is an integration of both these influences and can be a transformation into awareness of our true nature, which leads to the end of suffering.
She has been teaching this since the mid 80's, working privately and with groups. Linnie lives and teaches in Asheville, North Carolina.

Results of sessions:

  • Live more in present moment awareness
  • Give up resistance to life situations
  • Awareness of and freedom from our conditioned unconscious responses to life
  • Loss of low self-esteem and self consciousness
  • Relief from physical pain, such as back, neck, hips, knees and any kind of chronic pain
  • Become in touch with one’s true power
  • Move into knowing one’s ability for experiencing unconditional love
  • Lightness and ease in the body that brings tremendous joy and feelings of expansiveness and unlimitedness

This work and it’s effect on others is based on the consciousness of the teacher. If a teacher is consciously clear, present, and self-aware, their hands and observations will reflect that clarity.

To schedule a class or learn more, call Linnie at 828-773-2423, or email

“I feel the energy moving in my body. My hands are tingling”.
“For the first time I know who I am”
“The headache I came in with is gone”
“There is no more pain in my neck and shoulders”
“I feel more present and much lighter”
“This is the only situation in which I have ever been throughout my life and career where I have never felt judged”
“This has helped more than 30 years of therapy”
“Everyday, I think about what you taught me. My life has changed dramatically as a result of a few sessions. I am more present during the day and I sleep better at night”
“When I run now, I feel like I’m flying!”
“Linnie’s work gives us a way of closing the gap between the physical and spiritual”
“Being aware of how very unconscious I am, has brought me peace and freedom I never knew existed”
“Working with Linnie takes me out of the unconscious mind and into the present moment”.