Aditi Sethi-Brown, M.D.

Family Practice Physician

aditiLinnie is an honest, direct and compassionate healer and teacher with a unique approach to working with consciousness of the mind and body. She is aware of human conditioning, thought patterns, tendencies and fears, and she offers much to those willing and ready to receive. Having worked with psychotherapists, counselors, and alternative practitioners, on various “ issues” throughout my life, I say with confidence that one session with Linnie will change your life. You will be empowered and become more and more aware of your thoughts and their impact on your daily living and on the tension you hold in your body. Simply being in her presence you will witness ease of movement, speech and action. You will experience more clarity as you converse with Linnie and will come to a greater awareness and understanding of life.

Rob Falvo, PhD.

Music professor and Alexander Technique Teacher, ASU

rob-goodI have had good fortune in my life to have been educated in exceptional schools and have met people who have had a profound influence on the way that I work and live. However, being with Linnie over the last years, exploring spiritual consciousness and studying Alexander Technique, has been nothing short of a miracle. Three words come to mind when thinking of Linnie’s teaching: direct, simple, and easy!! and from that love flows. I have felt her teaching throughout my whole being and live differently because of it. From Linnie’s way of teaching, I move through life with less tension and have become exponentially clearer as a teacher. When we are in a session, time doesn't seem to exist. I have a feeling of being at home and there is a sense of communication, warmth, peace and creativity that is worth everything. — Thanks to the universe for bringing Linnie to western North Carolina!

Madelin Semper

Massage Therapist

MadeleineAs a massage therapist practicing for over 20 years I have never come across anyone who touches with such ease like Linnie. The first time she put hands on me I immediately felt my body's tension drop. Having weekly lessons with Linnie has profoundly changed the way I move and see the world. I learned how conditioned we are with excess tension, and how quickly tension drops with observation. My work is easier because of this awareness.
Linnie is a blessing in my life and I feel so grateful for all the practical observation skills, consciousness work, and love she has shared with me.

Henry Blackford

Elementary Teacher, father and long distance runner

henryLinnie has told me that what she teaches about–consciousness–is exactly the same thing as ‘common sense.’ In the time since I started having lessons with her I have learned a lot about what ‘common sense’ means. Common sense is when you are honest with yourself and those around you. This honesty is what I feel every time I go see Linnie. She doesn’t add any judgment to our interactions, so any time I feel judged is an opportunity for me to realize that that feeling comes from within me. Once judgment and the thoughts around it are seen for what they are, their importance lessens and I am able to feel more deeply the love that Linnie feels for me and the love that I feel for her. And all this just from practicing how to sit in a chair!

Brad Smith

President at ClientLink, entrepreneur and artist

bradSmithI’ve known Linnie for over 20 years. Working with her has significantly changed the way I move through space. With her guiding hands during lessons, she interrupts any patterns of excess tension and takes me into new lighter ways of movement. With awareness of the tension I add to everything I do, it is replaced with a more efficient way of moving.

Linnie not only instructs with her hands, but teaches in a very loving and understanding way about thought patterns, obstacles, and conditioning–all of which enable me to be more aware of the seamless connection of body, mind and spirit. The result has been more freedom in both thought and action–an expansion of consciousness.

I have sought Linnie’s guidance through challenging periods in my life. I trust her implicitly. For anyone who wants to experience more freedom, ease, and less suffering, I strongly suggest you meet with Linnie. Perhaps you too will find this to be an eye-opening and life-changing experience.

Kathleen Gray

Massage Therapist

Before Linnie came into my life I used the word ‘hard’ frequently. The word described so many things that appeared difficult or impossible. After working with her and becoming aware of my conditioning and negative thinking, the words I used to describe life situations began to change, as awareness became more a part of my life.

Linnie has been a mentor and teacher for many years. Though I had read and studied about consciousness for a long time, I was never able to experience the unity of body, mind and spirit until I began to work with Linnie. Through light, gentle touch and observation, she profoundly opened my mind to the holding patterns of my thinking and being. The expansion and freedom in my body correlated to an expansion and freedom of my awareness and thinking. My life has been broadened, enlivened and enriched!

I have had the opportunity of watching Linnie work in groups. It is wonderful to observe as she challenges students and to watch them right away begin to move more consciously and with greater ease.

Impacting many lives with her work, Linnie is a guiding light. She shows the way towards living fully, with awareness, insight, ease and joy!