“Observations, a Journey into Consciousness”

Journal 1991-2003 by Linnie Oysler
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Linnie Oysler, Rivers of the Soul

“Rivers of the Soul”

by Linnie Oysler

Reader Comments:
“This book is meaningful to anyone who wants to step outside their suffering and into accepting the love that is there in abundance for all of us.”

“Linnie’s writing touches me deeply, giving me insight into my own life. I am profoundly grateful for her gift and continue to be nourished by her thoughts and the beauty in the way she expresses herself.”

“Her words lead us on a journey of awakening to the simple beauty of our daily lives and the simple awareness of who we are. Written with ease, eloquence and insight, this book is profoundly moving.”

“I must say it’s very beautiful. The language is just lovely. It’s exquisite…full of dimension.”

“Linnie has a way of writing that makes me feel as though I am right there. This is her life, her gift to the world. And it is also me. It’s all of us.”

“This is the spiritual journey of one woman, a journey which connects her always with love of nature and family, and with the wisdom of seeing, understanding and assimilating what life is and means.”

“Through life’s seasons, Linnie’s intuitive insight has evolved as told in Rivers of the Soul. As you move through the passages of time with her, you too will experience the true vibrancy of life, and a deep sense of clarity and peace.”

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